A relaxing but fun graphic adventure where you can explore fantastic paintings!


Artemisia is a full-time painter, now accustomed to living indoors, she will find herself stuck in her own paintings. With your help will she be able to escape?

-Key features-

  • A world made up of beautiful paintings
  • Change the positions of the paintings to move
  • Funny characters to help
  • A short but intense graphic adventure


Use "A" and "D" to move left and right 

Press SPACE to switch view mode (normal mode and full view) 

To switch 2 frames, enter full view and press LEFT CLICK on the first painting, then  LEFT CLICK on the second 

Press ESC to open the pause menu


Andrea Facchinetti: Designer and Programmer

Chiara Sanviti: Designer

Michele Bellamoli: 2D artist

Donata Poli: 2D artist

Spacial thanks to: 

Francesco Guida and Leonardo Lazzari


Dreams of paint.rar 173 MB
Solution.txt 3 kB

Install instructions

Download and unzip, then launch the .exe file.


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Wonderful game!!
The paintings are just beautiful, the game is fun and really clever... makes me want to play it again!
The atmosphere the game creates is really unique and fascinating, really an amazing game!

ps: I just love Rebeeecca the sheep ahah


Te se vuole bene mic <3


That was an amazing game wrapped in beautiful art.

Thank you so much <3

(1 edit) (+2)

I posted a link to your game in our Indie channel at the Senscape server . 
"That is so beautiful and cool" was a common comment.

Wow, I don't know how to thank you, that was a really kind gesture, if you need anything just ask!


I think all indies, regardless of the engine used appreciate each others work.
Nothing needed in return :-) 


Beautiful game. I will probably play it again in the future.

Ohhh, thank you. You make my day!


Really liked it! The most unique gameplay I've had and the graphics were amazing. Was a little confusing figuring out how to navigate at first, but I eventually got it after reading the tutorial several times haha (also I'm not good at puzzle games in general)

Thank you so much! We are sorry if you had problems at the beginning, but we are also very happy that you enjoyed the adventure <3


so good 🤍

Thank you <3


Absolutely gorgeous art. The whole mechanic is also very clever. Nice work!


Thank you very much!


Really nice work! I liked the artwork and the design idea! it’s been fun playing this game, and the different background sounds tied to the paintings are a nice cherry on top! Only thing I’d like to point out, how to reach the space painting wasn’t clear for me AT ALL, even though I’ve played countless adventure games… Maybe you could put a little hint somewhere? Aside from that, great job!


Thanks so much, Willy! We are glad you liked it! To reach the space, there is a clue when you get on the balloon. Artemisia says: "To infinity and beyond" but it's actually a bit unclear. If we update the game, we will put a more precise clue :)

Thanks again for playing!